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Museums & exhibitions

Assumption Cathedral

Address:  . Moskovskaya St., Sobornaya Sq.

Tel:  (4922) 32-52-01

Working hours:  13:30-16:30

Closed:  Monday

*Special schedule for feast days.

Functioning, XII century: a cathedral, original architecture, iconostas (XVII century), Andrey Rublev frescoes (XIV century)


Cathedral of St. Demetrius

Address:  B. Moskovskaya St., Cathedral Square.

(XI century) - unique white-stone carvings with 500 subjects, 2000 carved stones. The interior of the cathedral had been closed for the reconstruction for a long time. Now there is an exhibition inside the cathedral.


Golden Gate

Address:  Dvoryanskaya St.

Tel:  (4922) 32-25-59

Working hours:  0:00-17:00, Monday and Thursday 10:00-16:00

Closed:  Tuesday, the last Friday of every month

A monument of XII century defensive architecture. The gateway church houses a military history exhibition with a diorama "Mongol-Tartars attack on Vladimir in 1238."


History Museum

Address:  64, B. Moskovskaya

Working hours:  10:00-17:00, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00-16:00

Closed:  Monday, the last Thursday of every month

An exhibition of the history of the Vladimir area.


Exhibition "Old Vladimir"

Address:  Kozlov Val St.

Tel:  (4922) 32-54-51

Working hours:  10:00-17:00, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00-16:00

Closed:  Monday, the last Friday of every month

Former XIX century water tower


Museum of Crystal, Lacquered Miniatures and Embroidery

Address:  2, Dvoryanskaya St.

Tel:  (4922) 32-48-72

Working hours:  10:00-18:00

Closed:  Tuesday and last Friday of every month

Trinity Church ("Red" Church), early XX century.


Center for Culture and Education

Address:  58, B. Moskovskaya St.

Tel:  (4922) 22-24-29, 22-52-78

Working hours:  10:00-17:00, Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00-16:00

Closed:  Monday, the last Thursday of every month

In Palaty (Gubernia Office Building) - Centre for Culture and Education and Museum Centre for Children include about 14 exhibitions.


Museum of the Spoon (privat museum)

Address:  4 Oktyabrskaya st.

Tel:  (4922) 37-09-08

Working hours:  11:00-19:00(Tuesday-Thursday);11:00-19:00(Friday-Sunday)

Closed:  Monday

Web-site:  музей-ложки.рф


The museum helps you to learn the spoon's history, various methods and techniques of its production. The unique collection includes coronation spoons of the Windsor dynsasty, works of the suppliers for the Romanov court, tableware for the White House, a love spoon from Wales, apostolic, geographical and other beautiful spoons. more...

Borodin's smithy (privat museum)

Address:  3g Georgievskaya st.

Tel:  8 (915) 760-21-77



The Borodin's smithy is a unique exhibition located in the building of the late 18th-early 19th century. It is a workshop of the Borodin family , the family of hereditary blacksmiths. They will tell you about the history of this craft and give you a master-class in forging.

Babusya-Yagusya museum (privat museum)

Address:  26 Bolshaya Moskovskaya str.

Tel:  (4922) 32-22-11

Working hours:  every day 10:00-19:00

Web-site:  www.бабуся-ягуся.рф

The fairytale museum  is an area where one can do a lot of things - try Russian drinks and treats; have a wide choice of souvenirs; take part in the program with some fairytale characters like Baba-Yaga and Koshchei; take part in master-classes.

Museum of Gingerbread (privat museum)

Address:  42 Bolshaya Moscovskaya st.

Tel:  8 900-478-36-77

Working hours:  10:00-19:00(Monday-Friday), 10:00-20:00 (Saturday-Sunday)

Web-site:  www.музейпряника.рф


The museum is located in the center of the city in the building of the late 18th century. Tourists can get a master-class in the art of decorating cakes with painting, can taste some gingerbread with tea and buy delicious souvenirs.

Vladimir Tourist Information Center

Address:  33/35 Bolshaya Moskovskaya st.

Tel:  4922 377 000

Working hours:  10:00-19:00(Monday-Friday), 10:00-18:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)

Closed:  Monday



Vladimir Tourist Information Department informs guests and citiezens of Vladimir about objects of tourist facilities. There one can buy city map, souvenirs, rent the audio-guide in Russian, English and Chinesе.

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