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Sister cities

The city of Vladimir has established extensive cultural, social, and business relations with its sister-cities. The sister-cities program enables the participating cities to establish close connections between their business, cultural, and political communities. Students exchange programs, cultural events and seminars, even purchases of used vehicles are done through these connections (such purchases receive certain tax privileges). Currently, Vladimir has sister-city relations with:

Erlangen, Jena (Germany)

Canterbury (Great Britain)

Campobasso, Anghiari,Tento, Bari (Italy)

Saintes (France)

Bloomington-Normal, Sarasota, Merion (United States)

Chongqing, Haikou, Baoji, Jiangyin (China)

Kerava (Finland )

Jelenia Gora (Poland)

Usti-nad-Labem (Czeck Republic)

Kardzhali (Bulgaria )

Antalia (Turkey)

Larnaka (Cyprus)

Gagra (Abkhazia)

Khujand (Tadzhikistan)

Bethlehem (Palestine)

Denmark (Skive)

Belorussia (Bobruisk, Volkovysk, Minsk (Leninskiy district))

Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

Publicated: 29.03.2022 11:04:45